A Vibrating Display of Wealth

Last year, a bespoke erotic toy shop was launched with a crown jewel in its showcase, the 1.4 million dollar vibrator.

This flamboyant ornament, crowned ‘The Pearl Royale’, is ultimately designed in fit and appearance for a Queen who has no King.

And there’s more, this mechanical masterpiece composed of solid platinum, blue sapphire, studded with pink and white diamonds comes with its own jewel vault – a wall-mountable display box.  You can mount her Majesty’s King Bling on a boasting exhibition display for friends and guests to admire.

Description taken from their website:  This regal statement of pure luxury holds its own key, attached to a single stunning South Sea pearl, caged within the crown. When attached, the key activates the multi speed vibrator but can be detached and worn as an elegant pearl and diamond necklace.

It’s been a long time since I listened to Duffy, however, her melody lingers on, ‘Mercy, Mercy, Mercy’.

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