The fine line between gaudiness and luxury

The Lonestar state (Texas)  has always been on my list of places to visit.  Oh my,  everything really is bigger, supersized and occasionally, luxuriously gaudy.  Is it only in Texas do you boast chromatic bling on your  Mercedes Benz GLS 550, list price $75,150?  Call out the  Mercedes Benz Fashion Police.


Tasteless Gourmet Luxury

Luxury has evolved to edible gold.
The taste? Pretentious.

Edible gold is the ultimate in gourmet luxury, they say it has no taste, but it does allow you to put your money where your mouth is.

Business of Luxury

This article originates from FG Magazine, written by Alessandra Frega

Business of Luxury: a Philanthropic Power?

MILAN, Italy — If you want to be “à la mode”, you have to be “luxury” today. What is luxury? Luxury is not just a multiple (semantic) meaning word, but a real social psychological question. A different and global way to interpret a product, a brand or a business. In this article we will try to clarify the main foundations of luxury.
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